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This preflop poker guide gives you the 6 key considerations that will help you choose the best preflop play – over and over again. Preflop is where big money is won or lost at the poker table, and small changes can help you fold losing hands early and pile more chips into profitable spots.

SplitSuit shares his expanded preflop plan (PLANES Method), with a focus on the key variables while ignoring factors that create confusion. By keeping your attention on position, the location of weaker players, your aggression levels, raise sizes (and avoiding the “default trap”), edge & EV, and SPR – you will find yourself in the right spots more often. Yes, it’s easy to play monsters (raise AA) and weak hands (fold 72), but true winrate is found in the marginal hands like KJo, ATs, and suited gappers. By using this guide you’ll be able to spot opportunities to flood your ranges with these hands, and spots to get rid of them early on.

Ditch your range chart, quit limiting yourself to a single raise size, and start seeing preflop for what it really is: a street that sets you up for success or dooms you to failure.

BTW, do you consider anything else when choosing your preflop hands & ranges? If so, leave a comment and let us know how you approach preflop!

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The Ultimate Preflop Poker Guide | SplitSuit Strategy

10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Preflop Poker Guide | SplitSuit Strategy

  1. Hey James, I just wanted to say keep up the great work and the videos! I've recently stumbled on your channel and now I watch your videos all the time! I appreciate the information I've gotten from them 👍

  2. Thanks again James. I think that you are one of my favorite teaching poker players. I don't usually think about SPR and possibly flatting to keep a weaker player in. My only concern with flatting with some hands in middle/late positions is that some players may call behind and make it tougher to play in multiway pots. If I'm solely set mining that is not a problem though. Thanks for the great video. You are the man.

  3. Preflop is about 1 thing and 1 thing only, MONEY!, Any cards can hit that flop, i dont care if u have 27 off, itcould come up 777 or 222 or 227 or 772 or 72 A. Whatever, the point is if u can see a flop, any flop CHEAP , do it, now having said that if its ALOT of money to see the flop, then this guy makes alot of sense. U might think i play too many hands, i dont, but if u could see every flop for free, wouldnt u do it, all im saying is, try to see cheap flops, u just never know.

  4. Hey James, love your vids. Unfortunately I think YouTube’s algorithm doesn’t like your channel for some reason. I am subscribed and always click like yet rarely see you in my feed. Maybe something to look into

  5. fyi, I just started studying and playing a few months ago and have been wading through a lot of useless bad on the web mixed with the very good stuff I have found. I have added your channel as a good one and as my game improves I may even turn a profit someday. Thanks for the content, very helpful.

  6. Hello, Mr. Splitsuit,
    I just purchased your book "optimizing AK" and still reading it.

    I play $300 buy-in cash games only. I learned alot from your videos, but I was wondering if your videos apply at low limit cash games as well.
    For example, do players at this level really think in terms of ranges??
    Personally, I just try to figure out if my opponent "Hit the flop."
    Any advice on for low stakes cash would be appreciated.

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