Playing and talking Poker Strategy

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Playing and talking Poker Strategy

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  1. Hey dear Derek. I AM SO THANKFUL to you and feel honored upon listening to my request on poker video. So nice of you. It was so good to see you playing it LIVE and making bucks. I just envy you about yours polished skills in CRYPTO, fantasy sports betting and poker. You have very well income source guns in your hand as acting as totally freelance guy with lots of FINANCIAL abundance. I really wish to learn poker from you like I did CRYPTO trading and turned professional in that yet. I wanted to put money in my pocket from poker skills too. I honestly speaking did not understand a thing from your poker video because i know only HOW POKER TABLE looks and HOW CARDS..I swear. I when requested to you about poker it was I wanted to see if you can make video for freaking beginners like me ..A B C of poker. But I understand you have your stuff to take care of on daily basis and you may not do it however can you suggest any good website or free bee YouTube channel where POKER can be learnt from scratch? I have this as my new year resolution. May I also know if I can contact you over Skype or any email or chat messanger that you use?

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