Poker Like A Boss Episode 1 – Side Pots

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Introductory series about poker. This video discusses the most basic ideas of a side pot. It can get pretty crazy but I wanted to keep it simple.

How many of you have seen people playing on a free poker app rage about side pots? I know I’ve seen it several times on several Hold’em apps and review for such apps. Hopefully this will spare at least one person from this.

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Poker Like A Boss Episode 1 – Side Pots

10 thoughts on “Poker Like A Boss Episode 1 – Side Pots

  1. I love ❤️ to watching you school poker with you , if you don't mind try to show 2-3 sides pot I still confused 🤷‍♀️ on that you explain nice 👍 and clearly

  2. omg took me so long to understand and your video explained it in the simplest way possible making me feel like an even bigger fool 😀 great video and explanation right there!

  3. You said main pots were calculated from smallest bet right?

    what if there are 4 players. Player1, Player2, Player3, Player4
    Player1 has 3$
    Player2 has 5$
    Player3 has 7$
    Player4 has 10$

    Player1 goes all in,
    Player2 goes all in,
    Player3 goes all in,
    Player4 calls, the main pot is now 12$, while the side pot is 22$ right?

    the winner is player 2, he get the main pot
    the second biggest hand is player 1, does he get the side pots then?

    or is the main pots and side pots are calculated after we have the winner?

  4. I know of the side pot, I'm just trying to understand how it works. This video has helped a lot, thank you!

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