Best Craps Strategy

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A conservative craps strategy taking advantage of the best bets in the casino, the odds behind a don’t pass line bet.

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Best Craps Strategy

10 thoughts on “Best Craps Strategy

  1. on a 3x4x5, you can only take 15 x3 times odd on the 4, and you can take 30 x5 times on the 6×8.

  2. if the roller is rolling a lot of times then i keep the place bets. some guys can roll double digits..

  3. I used to play this way. I would load up on an eight & balance it out with the don't pass. Only problem is when they make the numbers. Everything goes in cycles, could make 5or6 numbers in a row on the pass line & you would lose everytime

  4. Looks OK but just got back from AC. In Caesars, it was point then 7 OUT for 6 times in a row. Yes, in a row. I was betting don't (which is the only way to make money in craps) and killed it but I have never seen this before, The table got destroyed especially the "$220 inside, $220 inside" guy next to me. Let's see — that's $220 X 6 = $1,320 bye bye in 6 rolls. The dealer said he sees 4, 5 6, and even EIGHT point then IMMEDIATE 7 OUT all the time. NEVER bet against the 7 — it's right around the corner.

  5. Why has u taken the place bet down, when they can be making a lot of money after just 3 win? After 3 wins you take the place down? I just don"t get it why are you doing this? Especially if you got a hot shooter?

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