5 Things You Will NEVER See Winning Poker Players Do

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You will never see a winning poker player make these 5 bad poker plays. If you see anybody do these 5 things, it’s a fish.

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5 Things You Will NEVER See Winning Poker Players Do

6 thoughts on “5 Things You Will NEVER See Winning Poker Players Do

  1. Have you seen anybody doing these 5 things at your poker table? Also, this simple strategy skyrocketed my winnings lately: https://youtu.be/8jI7EK_itqw

  2. These should be considered “commandments “ in poker and people should live by them. It’s amazing how the fundamentals get away from most people a lot. Thanks!

  3. Dude you’re awesome tip #3 is what I’ve been struggling with. I asked you last week about to and here you are. My man! Much love

  4. I know Hellmuth recently won another bracelet, but emulating his strategies might not be the best idea, even for advanced players. He's looked brutal lately, making fundamental errors left & right.

  5. #1 has made a world of difference in my game. If I made sound decisions down the board and got my 2 pair beat by a set, my nut flush beat by a full house, etc… I’m able to just chalk it up to a cooler and move on. Other thing I’ve learned to do if I get rankled by a bad beat is to step back, review the hand, and objectively analyze if it was a bad beat or if there was a leak. If it was the latter, I reframe the loss as a learning lesson instead.

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