3 thoughts on “CRAPS Strategy – Free CRAPS Training ( From the Back )

  1. Hey CK. One of your best presentations and explanations! Not only are you good at showing how to be good at this craft, but the detail explanation you give here has been developing in your videos. No disrespect at all CK. But I say you are coming into your own not only as the Dangerous Arm that you are but as a good verbal synopsis of the mindset needed to become proficient at winning at craps. Reflect on what I just said. The rough edges are smoothing into a fine polished gem. You are taking a physical skill and converting it into verbal communication. No Bull! When you are focused, you are on point. That is what I am saying. This was an excellent video.

  2. Great period of instruction, this stuff could be taught at a university. I normally shoot from 1 left but I'm going in the basement to practice this throw immediately. Your videos are spot on, direct and to the point, one of your best videos yet, keep them coming.

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