Poker Vlog 8: GTO Relationship Advice (five tips)

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Please note that there will be no hand histories in this video; I will bring this back in the next video. We are changing things up in this episode as we dive into a deeper topic of balancing poker with relationships. Check out the five tips!

Also, for those that are less familiar with GTO…this is a poker-related term that stands for “Game Theory Optimal.” In short, GTO in poker refers to playing with a balanced range (of value hands v.s. bluff hands) and having this as a baseline strategy. Hence, “GTO” in the title refers to approaching relationships with the same thought of balance and baseline fundamentals.

Apologies in advance as the camera does get a bit shaky at times. Come 2019, I’ll have new camera gear (hopefully) to help with the overall filming/recording quality and process; thanks for your patience! As always, all comments/feedback are much welcomed. Cheers and Happy Holidays!

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Poker Vlog 8: GTO Relationship Advice (five tips)

6 thoughts on “Poker Vlog 8: GTO Relationship Advice (five tips)

  1. Some things are easier to study and analyze from the outside, and you've provided great advice! Props for sharing your sensitive side.

  2. Great video! I made sure to do number 1 with my now wife of 7 years. Numbers 2-4 were actually on my goal list for the new year! Number 5 is one I hadn’t thought of but I don’t have a ton of poker friends as I don’t have much time outside of poker to spend with “poker people” since I have a full time job in tech as well as a wife and baby at home.

    Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Great video… a unique and revitalizing take regarding elements outside the aspects of poker. Keep up the good work!

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