10 thoughts on “Texas Hold em Strategies – The Call, Raise and Fold

  1. @LowCalorieVideos i believe the minimun raise is the big blind amount. and the minimun reraise is at least twice the raise. i'm not really sure if that's "the rule" but that's the way we play

  2. you guys are dead on, I have played players who are way agressive, it seems the more aggressive players bluff more, but yes, you never know, they are hard to read, I feel, if you have a good hand, then play it, stay in, if not, fold it, move on to the next hand.

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  4. I like the aggressive players in poker too. They have no fear it seems like in losing. I can't do that and usually fold all the time, unless I have a good hand then I play and they will fold or lose. But, they have no fear and keep on playing and maybe win a even bigger pot next hand and be even again.

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  7. I sometimes fold when I have a strong hand when playing at a table because the other players a trying learn my expressions. If I fold on a really strong hand sometimes it mixes it up a bit and makes me harder to read. Sometimes I play strong without even looking at my cards or when I have absolutely nothing just for giggles.
    If I sense that someone has read my gaze I fold – why confirm their suspicion either way?

    I love the game, I love winning – I never really cared that much about the money.

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