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PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree on the importance of poker math and analysis.

Liv Boeree is a poker player, TV presenter and model from England who won the 2010 European Poker Tour in Sanremo. She has a First Class Honours degree in Physics with Astrophysics from the University of Manchester. Liv was the #1 ranked female player on the Global Poker Index as of November 2015, and is currently #6 on the female all-time live poker winnings list.

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POKER MATH – PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree

7 thoughts on “POKER MATH – PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree

  1. Great upload! I've got a lot of respect for Liv. One has to have a good grasp of theory and math to maximize their chances of winning. I'm surprised that she didn't mention the use of reverse psychology. Typically, when someone has a winning hand (the nuts), their hands will shake when they bet, their mannerisms change. However a player can use reverse psychology and give off the 'tells' that other players look for when they have nothing but air. I've won quite a few hands by acting (and even looking) like a woman who is inexperienced. I allowed the other players to make that assumption that I'm a fish. It's important to mix it up though; as soon as the other players think they know your range and betting style, switch it up and amaze them! And take their money. 😉

  2. what i've found in every game that requires skill and luck is to be unpredictable. you almost need to have ADD to trick people and just go purely off of your gut but keeping in mind the basic rules. My first Live $2/$3 I could tell what people were doing and when they were bluffing and when people were faking their body language. I won $900 enough to fix my cars transmission which I was very thankful for and I hit the nuts a majority of the time. so definitely some luck. However I gave off a template to all the other players that I was either really lucky or just crazy. I didn't make crazy plays. I just played when I felt like playing and just had fun and didn't over analyze unless it was someone I hadn't seen playing and was playing tight. It is a little bit of psychology. I think I do great at live poker I have this innocent look to me and I played serious and I played the actor to seem weak sometimes but I always mixed it up and the guy next to me who had been playing super tight overheard me say "i'm taking my winnings, later guys" he told me he had purposely been waiting to get a good hand and slow play me. I told him I knew he was and every time you called the blinds. I just folded. He asked me how long I had been playing and I said this is the first time but I have played for fun on facebook. His mind was loveing blown. I'd say it's a pretty big accomplishment for me and I was definitely the best player that day. haven't gone back but I am sure i will hold my ground. 🙂

  3. It's all a myth. Poker has not progressed. It's still about intuition and psychology much more than math and GTO. that's why Ivey Negreanu still crush these online guys

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