Poker Strategy 301 Introduction: Part 1

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Poker Strategy 301 Introduction: Part 1

9 thoughts on “Poker Strategy 301 Introduction: Part 1

  1. 21:23 – I'd like to see a mathematical proof on this. I understand that you're in study mode at this point, and I think it would be a good exercise if you're truly going all out.

  2. 34:51 The expected value is not EQ*Pot for all in. EV also brings into account your chances of losing and how much you're going to lose. For example, all ins pre-flop, if we assume both players pay the same amount and there are no blinds in the pot. EV = Win_Percent*Wager – Loss_Percent*Wager

  3. Snowie recommends folding KTo vs any position open except for Blind vs Blind.
    You recommend 3betting 57s over KTo, How about the blocker value of KTo vs the suitedness of the hand?
    How do they fare against each other? I'm hoping you can shed light on this.

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