Poker Strategy: 86dd Flops A Combo Draws vs Two Players

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In this hand we flop a big combo draw with 86dd vs two players. Should we try and keep players in the pot, or push them out?

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Poker Strategy: 86dd Flops A Combo Draws vs Two Players

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: 86dd Flops A Combo Draws vs Two Players

  1. Bart, you should have roasted this guy, he butchered every aspect of this hand, yikers…

  2. This caller was the epitome of why Bart is going flip out one day. This dude is so lost, and is looking for approval from everything Bart says. Hooray, poker is alive and well my friends

  3. What's the live tell for "going to call?" I'm going to guess he was going for his chips but in a casual way rather than the 'ol weak means strong overt claw over the stack?

  4. I watched the rest of the video wow he shoved and it was a miracle got out of that hand hahahhaha

  5. I kinda feel bad for this guy. People shouldn’t call in if they’re looking for a pat on the back. It’s a learning experience.

  6. waiting until the turn to semi-bluff with good draws should be done can appear very strong, like you flopped a monster.

  7. I am the caller, thank's for the help Bart. The reason I called this hand in was because I felt like I misplayed basically every street. I appreciate the insight. As for the YouTube comment heros, the format of the show is great but being a first time caller, I was honestly nervous for some reason.

  8. PFR guy shouldn't bet turn into 2 players with air. If he has a big pair a check/call might be better. Wait to see how much hero bets if any. If he shoves instead (repping a pair or 3, but not a boat) its probably a call.

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