Poker Strategy: Crazy Runout In Big O Hand

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In this hand it checks down to the river where we make the nut low along with our full house. We bet and get raised small and have to decided if we should just call or 3 bet for value.

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Poker Strategy: Crazy Runout In Big O Hand

9 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Crazy Runout In Big O Hand

  1. It's possible to consider folding when quartered but in this case the difference between calling is better by +$25!

    If calling:
    Hero contributes 100 pre+1000 river = $1100
    Hero receives back $625
    Net loss $475

    If folding
    Hero contributes $100+$400
    Net loss $500.

  2. It's easy if it takes 4 perfect cards to 34 you… Raise ….this one only takes 3 …good flat

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