4 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Flopping a Set of Jacks with High Hand Promotion Running Out

  1. I like these vids way more than listening to the caller call in podcasts. I think you should take all the call in podcasts and then edit each all the way through like this video and then put them into the vid section. Much easier to learn from for crush members

  2. This is scared poker and leaving a ton of value on the table. You cant slow down with a set, just because a single hand like T9 gets there on the turn. They likely only have suited combos of it, and if they called with AT for the gutshot and hit it, good for them. There are so many other hands, we still beat, and even when we are occationally behind to a straight, we have a 10 out redraw, so its not the end of the world.

    As played the river need to be a jam. If they have a straight, and you end up value owning yourself, then so be it. Just say "nice hand", rebuy and look forward to play the next one. They are not going to call with a busted flushdraw, because you get cute and only bet 1/3 pot. And they are also not going to fold something like two pair, just because you get it in. Its not like, its an overbet or something, we had less than a 2/3 pot sized bet left, which is a completely normal size for a cash game.

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