Poker Strategy: Is KK Good Vs 3 Different Players?

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In this hand we get into a really awkward spot with an overpair in a multi-way spot. Bart and the caller discuss the best play and the difficulties that come with 100BB cap games.

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Poker Strategy: Is KK Good Vs 3 Different Players?

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Is KK Good Vs 3 Different Players?

  1. How can KK be good here against 2 other all ins and the button calling a jam on that board. Hitting a royal is probably more likely lol

  2. Very lucky, would love to know what these guys were playing for exactly, going to guess that one had a straight and one had K Q, J 10, J K….very common to loose with AA or KK with this many people in the pot and going for draws. Though the flush or straight did not seem to be that threatening.

  3. I've seen Kings win pots like this with that type of action at this level, but it's very rare. I disagree with Bart that the Queen is such a horrible card because it only helps J10 or maybe Q9, a 10 would be a lot worse.

  4. do you lead into the raiser with a open ended or flush draw balanced with top pair or better on a wet board, or do you always check to the raiser , heads up or say 3 ways ? anyone a reply would be appreciated

  5. How on earth were kings good in that 4 way all in especially having the Kh? 76hh QJhh Must have been 2 of the hands

  6. Raise the flop to an amount you think will get called by various draws then jam the turn .

  7. At a 1-2 a long time ago I won a pot with the nut flush where the other three players went all-in with flushes too. It was crazy as this was on the river and there were two all-ins before me and the person next to me called with the second nut flush.

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