Poker Strategy: KK On Three Flush Board

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In this hand we call a 3 bet with KK but get a bad flop. Bart and the caller discuss how to play the hand on each street.

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Poker Strategy: KK On Three Flush Board

5 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: KK On Three Flush Board

  1. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like this is possibly among the single most ANNOYING callers I've ever heard on a call in show/podcast. Nothing to do with the hand/action at ALL. (And that's including some "interesting" ones on CLP and Joe Ingram)
    At first, he can't bring himself to speak both clearly and at a decent volume, but also speak into the phone. Check.
    THEN…he has screaming/laughing/giggling children constantly audible on the call? When it's already hard enough to correctly identify what he's saying about the hand history?? I dunno. Maybe he simply doesn't understand that it's extremely discourteous to the person or persons on the other end? It's almost as bad as people who talk on their cell phone while using a public restroom. (Ridiculous, right? Yes) Maybe he has no choice but to watch his kids at the time, but to me, that just comes down to priorities – how bad do you really wanna review your played hand? Find 10 minutes alone or don't do it.
    I have 4 kids of my own. Sometimes, you just have be creative. Watch the kids while on the call but put some glass in between you. This really shouldn't be something someone has to mention even!

  2. I think i'd be raising all in on the flop…a little risky but if villain doesn't have the Ad can he call? I doubt villain is leading out with a ace or king-high flush and he is probably not 3-betting pre with lower suited connectors either.

  3. That’s exactly what I put villain on on turn. AdKx, Ad,Jx, and JdJx.
    I think he shoves turn with QQ if we are chasing with Ad or Kd, and AA I think he shoves or bets higher on flop in case he doesn’t have Ad. When he bets so small it’s possible AdKd and AdQd and he’s betting for thin value.

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