Peng-Wins Slot HUGE wins! A Slot Machine Bonus Feature ~ WMS

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It’s Peng-Wins! A very fun ad-on feature to G+ or G+ Deluxe WMS machines. The Peng-Win slot machine bonus feature triggers randomly and I was lucky to play it! Watch for a couple BIG wins and a huge win at the end. Enjoy! By the way, if the Double Jackpot was hit – this would have been a Jackpot…has anyone ever seen the Progressive so high?

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Peng-Wins Slot HUGE wins!  A Slot Machine Bonus Feature ~ WMS

10 thoughts on “Peng-Wins Slot HUGE wins! A Slot Machine Bonus Feature ~ WMS

  1. Lol! Poor flightless bird – and gets no sympathy when he/she lands on the mini or small – that's for sure. 🙂

  2. Pretty neat huh? I think WMS nailed it with this add on. But, it is very difficult to trigger. I've played for over an hour and never got the penguins once.

  3. This is very fun slot video jackpot bonus ever . We never have this kind of thing in canada. Lucky people that live in united state.

  4. I do feel bad for people that don't to experience some of the fun stuff we get to play – like Peng-Wins. Hopefully you can make a trip to Vegas an experience it all! :). Thx for the comment! 🙂

  5. Sweet!!! I would have loved that! I stopped by a few weeks ago and the Peng-Wins in the Rainmaker were shut off. 🙁

  6. I had a feeling when I saw them roped off – huge bummer. :(. Thanks for following up and letting me know though!!

  7. WMS has a few fun things coming out in the next few months with multi-level progressives. Hoping they are equally as fun as these. Thx for the comment! Be sure to check out my newest videos. 🙂

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