Poker Strategy — Limit Hold’em with Maria Ho

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Poker pro Maria Ho gives poker strategy advice for players who are familiar with no-limit hold’em, but are looking to learn limit hold’em. Ho gives some great tips about hand selection, value betting and more.

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Poker Strategy — Limit Hold’em with Maria Ho

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy — Limit Hold’em with Maria Ho

  1. Yeah, I agree with her statements about suited connectors and whatnot, but I make the exception for J10s because it's a table beater kind of hand and in limit you can get tremendous odds on a winning hand like that.

  2. The one statement that I think can be a little misleading is continuing to the turn with AK. Not only does it depend on the board, but especially on a) how many other players are in the pot, and b) what are their likely ranges. If you have AK on a 3 6 8 rainbow flop and you're up against six players that include K8 and A6, then you're drawing nearly dead with poison anchors. This happens more often than people realize.

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  4. Maria answered my question on how to play drawing hands like AK in limit hold em. It makes perfect sense.

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  6. That is So True-I Hold On-To The Winning Hands&Fold to All Else! That's How I Won-9 Pots in The Casino's Poker Rooms!-Raymond "Mike" Hong of Oakland, CA&UC Berkeley's Caldining Employee!

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