10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy — Low-Stakes Limit Hold’Em with Jimmy Fricke

  1. Good advice –and oh so true…I play the 3-6 and the 4-8 tables to me it is just a fun thing to do once every couple of months or so…I win some and lose some ,but was told the stakes are raised in the evening when the pros show up..

  2. Terrific advice from jimmy. I need to change things up and go back to cash games starting with 3-6, 4-8 limit.

  3. okay so let me get this straight. He says "he is not even sure if 3/6 or 4/8 is even beatable". Because of the rake. So how would even know anything about 4/8. This proves to me he hasn't beat 4/8 /w kill. And I have seen people make anywhere from 200-500$ in a night on a 4/8 table. I've done so myself. I don't agree with this guy at all. There not poker players…..I am better then this kid at Limit Poker.

  4. Been beating 4. 8 for years 150 to 200 most of the time a long session for me is 4 hrs not bad i don't think

  5. Playing tighter than most players at this level will get you the bigger pots more than them. Sure, you'll get sucked out on and of course there's the rake but you should be hitting bigger pots more often. If not, "Waitress!".

  6. Jimmie is a poster child for weight loss programs world-wide. Jimmie has a 5 gallon bucket of insulin hooked up to an intravenous delivery system 24/7. Jimmie is so loveing fat he's never seen his prick anywhere but in a mirror (10 years ago) and on camera.

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