Poker Strategy: Playing QQ in an Inflated Pot with Short Stacks

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►►► Keep learning with me over at CLP! Use the code YTA400 to get the first 30 days for free. In this hand we start with less than 100BB and go 6 ways to the flop. We bet small on the flop and turn but the caller is not sure if he should go for river value or check fold. Bart gives his thoughts on the hand and why low stakes cap games can be tricky to play.

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Poker Strategy: Playing QQ in an Inflated Pot with Short Stacks

5 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Playing QQ in an Inflated Pot with Short Stacks

  1. Brilliant. I love this particular guys call in hand analysis. Bart, how do I go about getting some coaching from you? Many thanks. J

  2. I think I'd shove the river hoping he has a nine or a pocket pair or maybe a jack…if he had been calling with a nine or a pocket pair up til then, he'd call again getting better than 4-1. If he made jacks he's definitely calling..that's quite possible. You could easily have had big broadway cards and missed. If he missed a draw like Kh-Th or whatever, he's folding anyways.

  3. Great analysis as usual.
    I have one question: if we are getting 3-4 calls when we raise in EP is it wrong to go against conversational wisdom and limp/3-bet?

  4. Thoughts on overbet shoving the turn? I don't think villain is strong on this turn card after just flatting on the flop so we rarely are behind. I would hope to get called and see TPTK or a strong draw. Sizing at only $100 gives villain pot odds to draw with just an A or K high flushdraw.

  5. Love the info in these vids! If I may ask a simple question, are there any thoughts you have regarding how long (or short) to make a session? I travel some significant distance to where I play but have noticed pretty consistently my results start out great but after only a couple hours I bleed away chips and my play worsens.

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