We Play Reel Riches on Our Cruise Ship!

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Steve Bourie, from American Casino Guide Book along with his wife Michelle, play the Reel Riches slot machine while on a 21-day cruise through the Panama Canal.

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We Play Reel Riches on Our Cruise Ship!

6 thoughts on “We Play Reel Riches on Our Cruise Ship!

  1. Can one earn comps while playing Slots on the Cruise Liner. I would think so? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well there, how could you acquire the win rate that the cruise line reports

  3. These videos always leave me wanting more. I know I could look up the itinerary on NCL’s website, but where is this 21 day cruise to/from? Also, I would love a video about cruise ship comp hustling. To me, it is appealing because I live about 3.5 hours from Galveston TX. My impression is that the table limits are extremely low by today’s land-based casino standard (positive), they offer ridiculously bad rules (negative), but because of that they comp extremely well (positive). As a table games player, I think the odds are halfway decent if you select games carefully (3/2 blackjack at $25, Spanish 21 at $5 (!), craps with double odds at $5 (!)). That combined with a free cruise being worth way more than a free casino hotel room, and I feel like an advantage player! After about 12-15 hours of $20/hand or so average on my last cruise, I am about to take a free cruise to Alaska in a balcony cabin mid-season (ok, $530 after the taxes and port fees for two passengers). I would love to hear your thoughts, or if you don’t feel experienced enough to have an opinion, I would love to watch you interview someone about gambling on a cruise. Thanks for the entertaining video!

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