Poker Strategy: Playing Second Pair In A 3 Bet Pot

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In this hand we 3 bet with a non-premium hand and flop middle pair. We check back the flop but have to decided if we can call down when we face a turn and river bet.

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Poker Strategy: Playing Second Pair In A 3 Bet Pot

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Playing Second Pair In A 3 Bet Pot

  1. These kinds of calls only work if the villain is capable of bluffing. Which they are not at these limits.

  2. youre hand looks like QQ or JJ. but he's not thinking about that. pre flop is heh at best this deep. like flop check and turn call. im folding this on river

  3. I play a bunch of 1-2 and from my experience UTG opens are always TT+ AK, AQ, if not QQ+ and AK for the tigher players

    So when he calls your 3-bet he 99% of the time has a premium. Players dont like to fold to 3-bets in live poker even if they have AQo out of position (barf) so AQ stays in his range.

    Villains value range on the flop: 3 KK, 1 TT, 6 AA, 9 AK (Total 19 combos)
    Villains marginal range on the flop: 16 AQ, 6 JJ, 6 QQ (Total 28 combos)

    Not a lot of merit in betting on the flop since only AQ might fold and JJ, QQ beat you, I do like Bart idea of betting small to get value from AQ, might try it if I encounter this situation.

    Turn is interesting, he bets slighty over half pot, idt he would ever do that with JJ or QQ since there's not much to get value from so now it's either a bluffing AQ (especially AhQh, AsQs) or a strong hand. I might fold here depending on my feel on the villain, we need to be good at least 33% of the time, it's kind of close considering he's betting probably 95% of his strong hands and, depending on what type of player the villain is, a percentage (lets say 50%) of his AQ combos. So that's 18 value combos vs 8 bluffs, 30% chance of bluff that's a close call.

    The river is a slam dunk fold, river bets at these stakes are skewed towards value (for me too but im trying to balance it out more and more). You need to be good 37% of the time, on that river he needs at least 11 bluffs vs 19 value combos in his range for you to be good which very unlikely unless he's a spew lord so yeah fold it and forget it

  4. People even limp in with AA or KK to let you make a fool of yourself by trying to 3bet with junk and they will not 4bet you either.

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