Poker Strategy: Should We Call Off 600 Blinds Deep with Bottom Set?

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In this hand first time caller Brendan calls in with a tough spot where he makes a loose call pre flop with pocket fours, flops a set, and faces a 600BB shove. He and Bart discuss how to play the flop and if he should call off.

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Poker Strategy: Should We Call Off 600 Blinds Deep with Bottom Set?

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Should We Call Off 600 Blinds Deep with Bottom Set?

  1. Just want to say this from the peanut gallery – alot of discussion was made in regards to how the Hero perceived the MP Villain #1… But not much was mentioned about how Villain #1 perceived the Hero. To me that is the big difference on folding and calling.

  2. Is the guy never raising 68 suited preflop here? Sounds like we don't know him well enough to say for certain. So we've got pocket 5's, pocket 7's and combinations of 68 that beat us. As a player with an overpair in this spot, I'm going to be thinking about hero potentially having a set, but also an overpair. So Jacks are out, they would be a call at best. Queens maybe more towards calling, but not reraising all in. Aces or Kings is probably the only overpair we might go crazy with, and as other commentators have pointed out, seems unlikely if the villain is good. I think with a player that raises a fair amount and isn't an old man coffee type or young man coffee, you don't want to call with the small pairs below 7s or maybe 6s, because as Bart says you're probably only going to win a small pot.

  3. (Just my opinion – not results oriented) I even like fold to the original 5x open with 44, especially with a short stack behind you and the raise coming from a player with a reputation as a good player who we may not be able to exploit by calling – Pio/Snowie/Nash Ranges for Purchase would recommend a fold to even a 3x open. One exception is if there is a deep action player behind us, especially if he is in the blinds. As played, I like a flat on the flop, but if we really would like to raise here, I like making it $400 to fold 44 to a jam, and call 55 and 77. At the very least, as played, flip a coin to call off 44. If we call 44 here, we are exploiting our opponent or at the very least the player pool, and I don't think the logic agreed on between Bart and the caller is enough to justify calling off 100% of our hands here. These frequencies add up even if we'll never see how while getting 30 hands/hr.

    Nice videos Bart – keep up the good work! You have an enormous amount of player pool knowledge and understanding of player tendencies that I aspire to build over my career, and you have been doing a fantastic job at incorporating strategies built on game theory elements in live games when the situations call for it.

  4. I like preflop, we are in position against both villains, I'm seeing a flop every time. On the flop, I like flatting because I'm not looking to get in 600bbs here with bottom set so my plan is to keep villains range wide by calling down.

  5. Villain was thinking the same thing hero was pre flop about hitting a set and building a side pot against hero. The back raise is terrible though, he just got lucky that hero also hit set. Sometimes the poker Gods smile upon bad plays.

  6. that bet looks like a spaz by some pretty bad player with pocket rockets to me (edit) and i would've gone broke…lol …tough spot but i don't see how you can lay it down

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