UP $1200! DTF 2.0 “THE SEQUEL!” #roulette

Roulette Strategy Video Information:

Jack wins over $1000 with this system that “improves” over the original DTF!

81% Coverage!

Original System Review:


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00:11 – Original Rating
00:27 – Buy in
00:33 – Progression levels
00:46 – Original DTF betting scheme
01:11 – DTF 2.0 betting scheme and payouts
01:25 – First spin
01:45 – Whacks
02:04 – Expected loss per spin (0/00)
02:24 – Coverage percent
04:25 – When to walk
05:14 – SEE OVER 200 ROULETTE SYSTEMS at jackace.com
05:32 – What is the Roulette Bet Analyzer?
06:35 – When do you Martingale?
09:43 – Alternate (improved) betting patterns for DTF 2.0
11:12 – What are “Congruent Systems”?
13:13 – Final result

JackAce Roulette System Catalog:

Roulette Bet Analyzer:

What are Similar and Congruent Roulette Systems?

What is “BET NULLIFICATION” in Roulette?

Roulette Royale in the iOS App Store:

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UP $1200! DTF 2.0 “THE SEQUEL!” #roulette

10 thoughts on “UP $1200! DTF 2.0 “THE SEQUEL!” #roulette

  1. Sorry, just not a fan of high coverage systems like this. They all feature a poor bet to win ratio. Scaling the original bet down to $1 units is still $17 to win mostly $1.00 on the two dozens. Using the same simulator shown in this video, it gave me 3 whacks at the start. I found myself at the bottom of a rabbit hole that I would never get out of. Martingale would just add insult to injury. I prefer slow progressions and keeping your betting areas to a minimum. I have always done well simply playing just one dozen. If you want a high coverage system thats fun to play place bets on 10 streets and one unit on the zero. The strategy here is to remove a street when it hits. I usually quit after I have removed 3 or 4 streets. That puts me in profit and I start over. I simply add just one unit to each bet location on each loss. You can be more aggressive and add one unit each on each spin win or lose and you can hang in there, removing streets on wins as long as you want. Interesting part about removing areas when they win is that your bet amount drops and your win amount increases but your odds of hitting drop with every bet area removal. Placing bets on 24 individual numbers and using this same, removing the winner, is a fun one to play. Enjoying your videos. πŸ‘πŸ˜

  2. I like the way you explain it. Keep going.
    But I rather keep the 6 jackpot numbers, it's more likely to hit 6 numbers instead of 4. Specially when you martingale you are quicker back again.

  3. It's better to play the 2nd dozen and the 3rd dozen then play your jackpot numbers in the first dozen. The first dozen of numbers are spaced out on the wheel. The 2nd and 3rd dozen are clustered together.

  4. You could split the middle dozen, cover 10 numbers, all splits then have a higher chance of profiting $10 per spin. Forget the jackpot numbers altogether.

  5. To me the whole purpose of martingale is to recoup your losses. If you get whacked but are still up for the session, just start over at the base level. Otherwise, you can really dig yourself a hole quickly.

  6. Consider this is computer,in actual roulette the not to come numbers come more often. It means still you gonna lose

  7. Interesting system. I won on the first spin and then went south from there with the Martingale and busted absolutely big time.. I definitely do not like anything to do with Martingale. So using your bet analyser I made the following adjulstments. Total Bet $145 broken down as follows: $50 each on 2 of the dozens. $25 on double street, $15 on single street and $5 on Cnr within the double street. This reduced the whacks to zero, and 22 – 24 street. I only used the 1 Martingale amount for 3 spins (which I won) and then reduced to the original bet. I stopped when I had a $100 profit on the simulator. Whilst I did double the bet for 3 spins only, I much prefer to flat bet and simply make it up over time. However, I found that by having the street bet increased the odds so to speak and gave me an opportunity to simply flat bet the majority of the time. I agree with others even if you lose and still in some type of profit, simply flat bet. I also found that using the $170 per spin a tad bit much hence reduced the total bet to $145 as a flat bet. Therefore the first and only Martingale is $290 rather than $350. And as stated I avoided staying on the double bet after 3 spins because the risk of having to continually double up the bet amount is simply too high. PS: If wanting to do $1 bets. $10 on 2 of the dozens. $5 on double street, $3 on the Street & $1 on Cnr. Total Bet: $29)

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