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The Push – Fold

This is one of those popular poker strategies that reduce your number of moves so that you can better control the table and it tends to work extremely well. Honestly, the strategy is poker at its simplest. You’re either pushing or you are folding. That’s it. Just those two options.

This is a small short stack strategy. Since you’ve got too little in front of you to be clever, you need to be brutal. You’re in or you’re out. Now, a poker strategy that is this simple can also be exceptionally stupid. As such, you’re going to have to learn how to do this correctly.

Going all-in is not the same thing as raising. All-in is, in short, being incredibly gutsy because you have the chance of going out.

Example: You’re sitting with a very short stack and you three-bet. Do you know what you just did? In most cases, you just invited other players to call, which is going to hurt. If you had gone all-in, you would’ve taken the blinds at the very least.

What this means in most cases, though, is that you only get to play the big hands. If you don’t know that you can survive all-in, you can bide your time.

So, how do you know when to go all in? Look at your position, if you’re not the first to move, you better have a premium hand. Next, the range of hands that you can use here is going to change significantly based on your position.

From there, you’re going to look at the people against whom you are playing. If there are loose players in the blinds, you need to get tighten your range. If the tight players are there, though, you’re going to loosen you range.

Bottom line: What you’re doing here is kind of tricky, and even a bit counter-intuitive. You’re pushing – going all-in or folding at the right time. You’re allowing yourself to pick up a ton of blinds and antes, but you’re also making it count when you double up.

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Poker Strategy | The Push-Fold

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