BOMBSHELLS & BOMBPOTS // Texas Holdem Poker Vlog 46

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PokerBEAST Meetup Game
Tuesday June 22 5pm-10pm
Jamul Casino

Insipired by Brad Owen and Rampage Poker, I am a Live Low-Limit No Limit Texas Holdem Poker player who wants to push out great poker content and build a community of PokerBEASTs, where we can learn, grow, and enjoy this beautifully complex game together.

If you what to learn to play Texas Holdem Poker, and are interested in casino poker- subscribe!

I hope you learn some Texas Holdem tips and strategy, the rules for Texas Holdem and how to play no limit texas holdem poker in a card room.

The game is always changing and we are learning poker 2021 strategy. I especially want to encourage you if its your first time playing poker in a card room, or you are learning to play Texas Holdem, and want to learn how to win Casino poker to go for it!


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BOMBSHELLS & BOMBPOTS // Texas Holdem Poker Vlog 46

10 thoughts on “BOMBSHELLS & BOMBPOTS // Texas Holdem Poker Vlog 46

  1. I noticed in the KJ hand, my chip stack isn't accurate. Sorry. I proof watch my video 3-4 times through. I even uploaded this vlog to YouTube, watched it one more time, noticed a single mistake and deleted the upload to fix it and upload it again. Obviously, these small details matter to me because I'm trying to bring you the HIGHEST quality poker vlog. Thanks!

  2. Entertaining content but your analysis/explanation of the hands needs more work. A lot of flaws/holes in your logic. But overall great content, keep it up!

  3. Sorry hatter want to give thumps down instead of just switching channels. If I turn on Fox news I don’t complain I just turned the channel LOL

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