Poker Strategy: We Flop Bottom Set And Get 4 Bet

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In this hand we flop bottom set on a wet board and face some crazy action. Can we ever fold this hand in a loose home game setting?

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Poker Strategy: We Flop Bottom Set And Get 4 Bet

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: We Flop Bottom Set And Get 4 Bet

  1. Range Allin River: KhQh, JJ (50% flat call preflop), KhTh, Th8h, QJs (7 combo)
    win: KhQh, QJs (3 combo).
    lost: JJ, KhTh, Th8h (4 combo).
    bottom set have 42% Equity vs Villian's range
    Hero call 680 to win 2805 (1: 4.125) pot odd 24%.
    EV+ to call

  2. Is it just me or does it seem like this caller is tailoring his story based on the feedback Bart is giving him? Such as sizing, his thought process, and what his villain's line of thinking was.

  3. I think, Hero should just have gotten it all in on the flop and be done with it. Even they were very deep, its still fine to stack off bottom set, when the board is configured in a way, where Villain can have top two, and where strong draws are also available. Its one of those situations, where you need to make up your mind early in the hand, and if you are going to go with it, then just pull the trigger and do it.

    As Villain this is pretty badly played. Raising the flop is already questionable, because no better hands fold and the hands, that call, generally have good equity. So its not a bluff, and as a value raise its a bit thin. The flop raise in itself is probably not a losing play, but I think, the hand play so much better as a call in position. Villain can induce another bluff on the turn, he can get there in multible ways and get paid, and I am really not at any point thinking about turning his hand into a bluff.

    The min 4-bet however is where, the hand really went off the rails. Now Villain should definitly just call the 3-bet, take the price on his draw and also do a bit of bluff catching. For the same reason the hand play very well as a call on the flop, it also play decently enough as a call of the 3-bet, when you are this deep.

  4. While listening it felt like you were being results oriented. Which means youre blocking yourself from thinking correctly. The only thing im going to talk about is the balanced play on the flop. If we NEVER have 4 bet there that isnt a set. I would have a 3 bet call, Leading range. Which I might have here anyway. Call the 100. And lead turn, with sets with combo draws with two pair. The line looks unconventional and strange for holdem. But it is one I would take in PLO. Especially if I had the set and didnt want to give away my hand. And get it in until turn so my opp is forced to make a bad call vs what would/could be a coin flip(wraps) on the flop. Food for thought.

  5. Also villian has one of the worst bluffing hands on the river. He blocks KK,QQ,KhTh,QJ all hearts all KT. What hands do we call turn with to fold river?

  6. seems like villain overplayed the flop, kind of block bet the turn to get to the showdown by the river assuming the action would be checked toward him and on the river he turned his hand into a bluff !!

  7. Lol @ how villain played in this hand seriously this is comedy i cantstop laughing . The 4 bet minraise guys been watchin too much dramatized poker on tv

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