Poker Strategy: What To Do With Top Pair And A Combo Draw

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In this hand we flop a pair+flushdraw and turn an straight draw, but our opponent overbet shoves and puts us in a tough spot.

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Poker Strategy: What To Do With Top Pair And A Combo Draw

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: What To Do With Top Pair And A Combo Draw

  1. why didn't you give him AQ in his range? he might shove the nuts to force flush draws, sets and 2 pair to pay or fold.

  2. It's probably a call if you also include overplayed hands like K10/J10 and maybe some overbet (semi)bluffs with hands like JQ/10Q/KQ. But it's not a great spot, obviously. If villain is the loose/crazy type I'd call here, though. You have decent equity against pretty much every hand. The only hand that crushes you is AQ.

  3. Bart, as I'm watching this, (and pausing before the results) it sounds like you're using way too narrow of a range. One hand you didn't mention was Ah10h, also as another commenter said there are a lot of 2 pair hands that give an equity boost as well.

    Instead of just throwing in KQs(which I agree is unlikely) try Ah10h, all KJs, and some K10

    This is a rare case where we'd rather V have 2 pair than some 1 pair like AA or AK.

  4. U see way wider ranges at these stakes. Villain could easily have AhXh, AQ, or KT. It still a very close spot, but just saying that in some of these videos we pick ranges that are too narrow.

  5. I would have called this off. There is no discussion about Villain ever bluffing, but why could he not be jamming at least AX of hearts as a bluff? Add in a few combos of that, and we have the equity, we need to call.

  6. Unless he has like maybe JT specifically then its value and protection I guess, but his shove is always always horrible. How do you make this bet with a straight face, live poker is alive and well.

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