How To Count Cards & Beat The Casino!

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Counting cards ain’t illegal, but you might get your butt kicked if you’re caught. Don’t let that stop you from trying! In this episode Brian shows us a card counting method you can do on the sly. All it takes is some basic math and a little concentration, and you can WIN with advantage play. Watch and learn!


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How To Count Cards & Beat The Casino!

10 thoughts on “How To Count Cards & Beat The Casino!

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  2. Cluntihg cards is not so easy, you will lose alot even when you have a advantage simply because its a small advantage. Also it takes several hundred hours of play to see significant profits and a good starting bankroll of 5 to 25 grand.. not to mention suffering losss can be very stressful. Best of luck people

  3. Teams with counters signaling betters is a good way to survive. Surviving as a counter is the trick. If you are part time, tipping the dealer can't hurt. "The sky", meaning security surveillance cams are big enemies. Once security is suspicious, they'll be counting along in the security room and you'll be done quickly. A great question: They spot a counter. Only he's not very good and is still a losing player. Do they let him play. Note that "losing player" means he's making mistakes. Because a card counter can have bad luck too. In those cases they'll throw you out after keeping the money you lost.

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