Poker Strategy: What to do with Top Two vs a Bet and a Raise

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In this hand the caller decided to play more passive preflop and just call with AK. He flops top two pair but isn’t sure what to do vs some aggressive action.

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Poker Strategy: What to do with Top Two vs a Bet and a Raise

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: What to do with Top Two vs a Bet and a Raise

  1. i have seen this happen many times where i play. people will gladly limp call QQ+ and AKs/o all the time

  2. just discover this channel, great content for me even if I don't play live but only online. Thank you.

  3. Pocket Aces on 1-2 no limit the villain played perfectly ! I play aces same way ! Why scare off table for $3 profit with crazy pair when you can love with everyone and change it up to steal huge money !!!! It's called keeping them guessing !!! Btw I've folded and limped pocket jacks more times than ever before only to find out had I played them I would've lost huge pots !!! Been playing pro 1/2 no limit cash games for 4 years with a cumulative average of $587 per week playing on average 2 to 3 sessions per week exactly 2.3 sessions per week at 11.4 hours per week total ! Best advice for people who want to turn pro , make sure your 2 sessions happen to fall on Friday and Saturday nights preferably at a casino for more fish and drinkers!!!! Good luck love this channel for good advice on my game ! Also Will never switch to 2-5 or higher just because 1-2 is full of fish !

  4. The issue here is not, that Hero got coolered by running AK into AA and top two into a set. In the long run we will cooler our opponents just as often, that they cooler us, so while its unpleasant, it does not matter.

    The real issue is, that Hero played the hand to passively, until he faced the flop raise. When I saw the flop and the action, my first reaction was “QT”, and thats why we dont want to allow an open limper into the pot by giving him great odds to take position on us with marginal hands. AK is a mandatory 3-bet preflop in a spot like this.

  5. Bart’s reaction to hearing the guy has AA here is so funny. I couldn’t believe it either.

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