The BIGGEST BUY IN of the Year | $10,400 WPT Main Event | Poker Vlog #54

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It’s like Christmas morning for tournament poker players!! Today, I’m playing the $10,400 $15 MILLION Guaranteed WPT Championship Main Event!!

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The BIGGEST BUY IN of the Year | $10,400 WPT Main Event | Poker Vlog #54

9 thoughts on “The BIGGEST BUY IN of the Year | $10,400 WPT Main Event | Poker Vlog #54

  1. The hands where you folded your aces and pocket queens were tough. But given the way both hands played, I think you made wise folds. Been watching since your 1st vlog and IMO your play is certainly getting stronger and stronger. Keep the faith. Results will follow.

  2. Really appreciated your analysis on the q turn when you fill up with K's full. Well reasoned and stated…

  3. Most of us watching would have been gone in the first 30 minutes with the pocket aces hand.

  4. Wait didn’t jessy won da biggest poker game for $10 millions with pocket 10/10s da WSOP MAIN EVENT? Great vlog here Ashley n ya play by play is top level cool n all da players here.

  5. I’m a little confused on the analysis of the first hand. The opponent can’t have JJ or they are just terrible. I typically rule out flushes in four bet pots one on one with lowish SPR. Really your putting the opponent can only realistically have exactly QQ or even more rare AK diamonds or AQ diamonds. You have 80K to start the hand and 28K in the pot with AA preflop on a great flop and turn… if your beat your beat I think here.

  6. How come none of these high limit poker pros (like Jesse) are staking Fat Girls into tournaments? Skinny girls seem to get free backing/ free coaching alot more

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