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In this poker video ‘xflixx’ from Team PokerStars discusses donkbetting strategies and dealing with donkbets by reviewing BOOMplayer links from viewers and playing some live 10NL Zoom hands!

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Donkbetting – Poker Strategy – PokerStars

4 thoughts on “Donkbetting – Poker Strategy – PokerStars

  1. It is not a compliment to be called a donk. It means you DID figure the guy out and he still draws out on you. Like the example, KK vs' A7. you put all the facts and figures into the PokerStove, figured out you should make the call, but, if the heart comes, you WILL be calling him a donk.

  2. You don't have to do any math when the opponent donk bets all in because they wouldn't have done that with a nut flush and u have a straight flush draw with an overpair of Kings.

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