Rob Singer – Video Poker Strategy Hand # 03

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Rob is probably the most controversial video poker player known because he does not necessarily follow the “math” of the game 100% of the time, and he will deviate from what others consider to be the correct strategy dictated by the “math” of the game.

Rob Singer says his “play strategy is 95% based on the math and perfect play.” But “perfect play” is not enough for him and for you to make you a winner. Singer is more concerned about “short term play” because in reality, he says, we are all short term players. “And it is only because of the math and what it tells me in the short-term (which is how everyone only and always plays) that dictates these special play deviations — which are all the result of risk analyses performed during the stragety’s development.”

Over the next few weeks we will be presenting here videos with Rob Singer explaining his strategy as well as specific hands in video poker that his strategies will apply to. This will be updated from time to time as we meet with Rob, discuss various video poker hands, and as he applies his strategies to different video poker games. And if you have a comment, please discuss it on our “Las Vegas Forum.”

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Rob Singer – Video Poker Strategy Hand # 03

6 thoughts on “Rob Singer – Video Poker Strategy Hand # 03

  1. If you're not playing mathematically correct then you're losing more than you should and choosing to give the casino more of your money.

    That's insanely stupid, as is this guy.

  2. This guy "pays" for his four Aces by passing up scores of straights and flushes he could have hit otherwise. Substituting one's own judgment over the strategy is pure insanity.

  3. He makes sense but everyone has their strategy.His is win then sy open playing.That's not stupid it's smart.

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