Should he value bet the river against 2 players? | Poker Hand Reading

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I do a complete hand reading exercise using Flopzilla Pro and a hand sent in by my long-time Smart Poker Study Podcast listener, Steven. He calls with AJo and sees a multi-way flop that gets to the river. We’re hand reading both opponents this time.

Thanks for watching and I hope you found value in this video. Now, do some hand reading exercises RIGHT NOW!

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Should he value bet the river against 2 players? | Poker Hand Reading

1 thought on “Should he value bet the river against 2 players? | Poker Hand Reading

  1. Thanks so much for covering this hand Sky, your work rate is second to none.

    AJo CO vs HJ should probably be a fold with 100bb, but deep-stacked I think a call is ok (or should just raise), calling does likely keep the loose passive player in though..

    We could raise the flop on this dynamic board but ranges are fairly neutral, which incentivizes a robust checking strategy.. we also don't want to fold out worse, unless needing some protection perhaps..

    Turn bet is good, can maybe even over-bet…

    Hero missed too much value on the river, hero should def consider a bet/fold line.. the pf aggressor bet so small on the flop that we can go for 2 full streets of value here.. my initial thought was that hero should pole out by betting big like an over-bet even, but then i thought actually 1/3 to 1/2 pot would be better to get value from worse and not fold out better. In hindsight the big bet would likely have worked..

    If wanting to explore this hand in more depth you can also check out my hand-reading session covering this hand after watching Sky's for different perspectives – (I advise playing 2x speed), cheers!

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