Stop Making These 5 Common Poker Mistakes (FIX THIS NOW!)

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Here are the top 5 most common poker mistakes that are probably costing you money. Make sure you avoid these 5 amateur mistakes!

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Stop Making These 5 Common Poker Mistakes (FIX THIS NOW!)

10 thoughts on “Stop Making These 5 Common Poker Mistakes (FIX THIS NOW!)

  1. What poker mistakes do you make? Also, check out my other video on how I almost quit poker because of too many bad beats!

  2. I got reraised today in plo holding KK 24 with a Diamond suit, i ended up shoving pre, actually knowing i was beat, running good last few days influenced tht move

  3. Yep,guilty.I am reluctant to fold a flush draw and also get mad when players push me around.Good video sir.

  4. Mistake #10 Not bluffing your draws. If you are not bluffing enough, like 98% of people, why not just treat your draws as bluffs. When it comes in the villain never believes you have a hand, and sometimes you take the hand down without making your hand.

  5. Last 3 cards on the board of the same suit, I just have to see the runner runner flush with my top pair even with 2x pot bet lol..

  6. 1. Don’t Limp.
    2. Chasing too many draws.
    3. Don’t Slow-play your big hands.
    4. Making too many bad bluffs.
    5. Making too many loose calls.

  7. Stop playing poker! Get some real skills and stop playing poker, it is a game for losers whit No real skills!!

    If you are still dumb, and want to play anyway, just remeber, any 2 cards have the same walue, play every hand all in!

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