The #1 REASON Why You’re LOSING at Poker

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This is the #1 reason why most people lose at poker. Most poker players are in denial of this simple rule at the poker table.

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10 thoughts on “The #1 REASON Why You’re LOSING at Poker

  1. Does this hold you back from winning at poker? Also, here's the #1 thing rich poker pros don't want you to know!

  2. I got my AA cracked the other night at a limit cash game. I know me.. so I cashed out and went home.

  3. My friends and I call a trip to the gym, "making a deposit" and We call eating well and living well, "taking the elevator". It may sound goofy, however, if you're training and resting and eating correctly, you'll be on top of your chosen path. I always bring walnuts, pecans and almonds to the poker room, it keeps your mind sharp.
    Take the elevator!
    Good luck all.
    Once again, thanks Nathan for being such a good example to the poker world.
    I'm 52 years in, and i still love this game.

  4. Excellent common sense Video, really appreciate you taking the time to do that… Great help and a great reminder for those already in the pro game. Any advice on YouTube searches for truly understanding meditation, BTW? Thanks again!

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