This Hand Review Method Will Change Your Poker Life

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In this video I share my new years resolutions for 2023 while analysing some 200 ZOOM hands in order to demonstrate a killer hand review technique that is sure to improve your game.

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This Hand Review Method Will Change Your Poker Life

10 thoughts on “This Hand Review Method Will Change Your Poker Life

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  3. Hey mate, I've played Poker casually for a short time and started wanting to actually succeed, recently bought your from the ground up course and already I am doing so much better in games online. Appreciate the free content as well, still a lot I'm trying to wrap my head around but enjoying the process. Also might be an idea to put your links in your description, just noticed there wasn't any there. All the best!

  4. love the format but maybe pick a hand or 2 where you called down so we can see "the payoff". IMHO

  5. Is the grinders manual still relevant ? If so will I be better off reading this before I get grade 1 of carrot school ?

  6. You don't need all this fancy stuff to know that you most likely had the best hand and should raise til the river brought a flush draw, then you are screwed if you bet. When the flush draw hits on the river, I check. Hanged myself several times betting big on the flush draw river, only for villain to win with the lucky flush…

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