This KEEPS 90% Of People LOSING at Poker (Fix This Now!)

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Here are the top 3 reasons why 90% people lose at poker, and it is probably not what you think! You must fix this now in your poker game.

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This KEEPS 90% Of People LOSING at Poker (Fix This Now!)

10 thoughts on “This KEEPS 90% Of People LOSING at Poker (Fix This Now!)

  1. Do you make any of these 3 poker mistakes? Also, here is my ADVANCED poker strategy worth millions:

  2. It is very good video with key informative lesson…. Thanks for posting this video.

  3. I, unfortunately, make all those mistakes (occasionally… but too often). Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Nathan. FYI when you display Spades and Clubs (black cards) on a navy blue background it is difficult to differentiate Clubs from Spades…. Good Luck.

  5. The right choice of an investment has always been a big problem for me I know picking a wrong investment will leave a big scar in the future.

  6. Best overall advice I can give anyone, is this: if you don't know when someone is lying to you, don't play poker.
    Because you're already in real trouble in your life. Any time you get a weird feeling about a story anyone is trying to sell you. Get away, get out. Those are natural instincts of danger. In poker, if you don't recognize a lie, and don't get that feeling, then you really shouldn't be playing poker until you further develop your life skills. Good luck all

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