This KEEPS 95% Of People From WINNING at Poker

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This is why 95% of amateurs do not win at poker. Don’t make these same 5 critical mistakes at the poker table!

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This KEEPS 95% Of People From WINNING at Poker

10 thoughts on “This KEEPS 95% Of People From WINNING at Poker

  1. Do you make any of these 5 mistakes at the poker table? Also, here is the simple trick to beat aggressive players:

  2. Does this include poker tournaments? Sometimes being out of position with a short to mid stack is an advantage, if you can put your stack all in first on the flop with fold equity, your opponent will miss the flop 2/3rds of the time and you take it down a lot as long as you have about a 1 to 1 SPR and they have less than 2 SPR you can use being OOP to your advantage. Sure sometimes they’ll have it, but it is definitely a profitable spot.

  3. My biggest hurdle in the beginning of my career was sticking to Bankroll management for sure, the highs were awesome playing up and running a roll up fast and spending money like water but one week of running bad/ playing bad would kill my small roll,

  4. Spot on!
    No ego/tilt, table selection, a hud and a lot of patience/dedication were definitely my biggest keys to success.
    After the point where I truly let my ego off the tables I started becoming a significant winner at this game.
    And thanks to all your videos from the past years ofc πŸ™‚

  5. i watch this all the time but its hard when most of the people you play with are regs and watch this like me

  6. What should we call a fish that calls other people a fish when they lose and objectively made bad mathematical choices?

  7. Needed to hear that last tip about tilt right now. I’m done for the night πŸ˜…

  8. Playing OOP is not the problem.
    Don't know how to play OOP is the problem.
    You can't play always IP.

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