Video Poker Genius [Part 2] – Bonus Poker

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Welcome to Video Poker Genius! This is part 2 of a series of videos designed to help you become a better video poker player.

In this part, I play 150 practice hands of 8/5 Bonus Poker with live commentary. There is no quiz for this part because the strategy for Bonus Poker is nearly similar to Jacks or Better with no major changes to proper strategy.

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Video Poker Genius [Part 2] – Bonus Poker

10 thoughts on “Video Poker Genius [Part 2] – Bonus Poker

  1. So I've always wondered… for the hand at 9:07. Why do you get rid of the ace? Does it have something to do with straights? I'm confused cuz the potential for four aces has a large payout? Thx

  2. For bonus poker if you're dealt 3 A's and a low pair do you keep the full house or go for the 4 of a kind? (since they pay more for Aces here) Never played Bonus before. =)

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