Fedor Holz on learning poker and achieving peak performance (Runchuks Podcast)

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Fedor Holz has won the WSOP, EPT, and WTP titles and has over $40 million in tournament earnings. When it comes to building a successful poker career, he really knows what he’s talking about. A few years ago he was voted #1 online poker player and #1 live poker player in the world.

In this conversation, Fedor shares lots of powerful insights and advice about poker, business, and life. He explains his learning process, the way he gets in the zone when it really matters, how he maintains full focus and achieves peak performance, also how to avoid common pitfalls when working with solvers – so much of this is truly valuable. And of course, we also talk about his upcoming HU battle vs Wiktor ‘limitless’ Malinowski.

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00:00:00 Intro
00:01:25 Match against Wiktor ‘Iimitless’ Malinowski
00:08:49 Mental game
00:16:31 In the zone
00:21:01 New information
00:27:10 How to ask the right question
00:30:56 Ways of learning
00:37:25 The right questions
00:44:45 Beating mid and high stakes
00:48:06 Focus level
00:53:51 Out of the comfort zone
00:58:13 Solver traps
00:59:53 Who is Fedor Holz?
01:05:15 What do you want to do?
01:09:15 Identity
01:13:46 Opportunities
01:26:01 Picking your dreams
01:30:33 I can do anything, but I can’t do everything
01:31:37 Current challenges
01:37:57 Nothing is everything
01:42:43 Taking time off
01:47:17 The path is not straight

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Fedor Holz on learning poker and achieving peak performance (Runchuks Podcast)

10 thoughts on “Fedor Holz on learning poker and achieving peak performance (Runchuks Podcast)

  1. Let me know what were your key takeaways from this episode. My own list is pretty long, and I'm curious to find out what others found the most valuable.

  2. All that talk about identity starting about the 1 hour mark is really great!!

  3. My advice: If you have two hours time watch the second hour of this twice.

  4. Great interview. I really need to watch it one more time and take notes. I like to see continue after Fedor challenge Vs Victor

  5. Awesome interview !! Really enjoyed it !!!

    Runchuks a question for you … i play nl holdem (about 7months taking seriously … shoting nl25 right now )

    But always interested in learning PLO, what do you recommend for anyone who knows anything about PLO.


  6. Thanks everyone for the kind words, it's been a lot of fun having this conversation. It makes me happy reading that people get something out of this.

  7. The section on nothing is everything was the best and most insightful thing ive heard for a long time. So much so that it brought a tear to the eye. Thank you.

  8. This is one of the best podcasts I have ever heard, full of wisdom. Also takes a great interviewer/host to enable such introspective conversations!

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