Will DWAN get STACKED by QUADS on High Stakes Poker?

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Weekly Poker Hand #347: It’s not everyday someone flops quads but when they do it can sometimes be difficult to extract maximum value. In this hand from High Stakes Poker, Brandon Steven finds himself in a multiway pot with flopped quads. Facing a bet from Tom Dwan and a call from Bryn Kenney, can he get maximum value?

I’d be interested to know how the old Tom Dwan would have played this hand and if it would have been any different to how he played it here. What do you think?

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Will DWAN get STACKED by QUADS on High Stakes Poker?

10 thoughts on “Will DWAN get STACKED by QUADS on High Stakes Poker?

  1. What would YOU do with 8♥ 8♦ on the flop?

    Your Stack (UTG): $315,300

    Their Stacks (SB, BB, LJ): $479,400, $905,800, $439,300

    Pot: $48,800

    Board: 8♣ A♥ 8♠

    SB checks, BB checks

    A) Check

    B) Bet $12,000

    C) Bet $30,000

    D) Bet $48,000

  2. I thought Shaun Deebs was a luck box, the way Dwan runs on this season is just unreal. He has made more flushes in one episode than I have in one year and I lose each time.

  3. I'd bet like 15k. Chances of some having an ace and continuing are very high. Maybe someone else continues with a pocket pair at that price. Let's start building that pot! praying for someone to spike a boat with a pocket pair so that you can stack em.

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