Winning $17,000 In 2.5 HOURS?! ($1050 Fast Friday Poker Highlights)

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Can you imagine winning $17,000 in less than 3 hours? That’s exactly what the situation was for bigbluffzinc as he tried to do just that on the final table of the $1050 Fast Friday on Pokerstars.
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Winning $17,000 In 2.5 HOURS?! ($1050 Fast Friday Poker Highlights)

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  1. Good job dude on shipping it! You're starting to sound like a twitch streamer "I better pull up the lobby before you guys start screaming at me" I died laughing when you said that 😂

  2. Thx for the upload boss. any chance you post a quick vlog of your life. Just simple things. What your eating for lunch. Car you drive. stuff like that.

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