.25/.50NL Bovada Zone Poker Strategy and Tips

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First video here. I happened to record a “Zone” poker session one night that was successful but also interesting. So a couple days later I decided to narrate the video as I re watched it for the first time, to analyse my play and talk strategy. Contains some very sick hands and interesting situations for players to analyze. Some players may find some good information in this video either through my narration or just watching the hands unfold. Sit back, watch the hands, and listen to my analysis and tips for players who are new to zone poker or poker in general.

This particular session is .25/50 NL but I also talk about strategy in lower stakes such as 05/.10NL.

Also, feel free to critique my play and offer any advice if you have some.

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.25/.50NL Bovada Zone Poker Strategy and Tips

4 thoughts on “.25/.50NL Bovada Zone Poker Strategy and Tips

  1. And I would try to cut the limping out of your game. Cuz if you get raised and you have a decent holding you are in an awkward spot. Just trying to help you. Not berating your play

  2. Nice tips! I use Bovada Poker Catcher HUD to catch hands in real time off the bovada so that I can run a HUD from HM2.

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