3 Basic Betting Mistakes Most Amateurs Don’t Know About

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Most poker amateurs don’t even know that they are making these 3 basic betting mistakes. Avoid making these 3 common mistakes.

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3 Basic Betting Mistakes Most Amateurs Don’t Know About

10 thoughts on “3 Basic Betting Mistakes Most Amateurs Don’t Know About

  1. Do you make any of these betting mistakes? Also, make sure you never call with these 3 hands (Costing you money!) https://youtu.be/CRtBNyGM508

  2. Rule number one: do not let your opponents figure out a pattern. Once they can consistently read you, they can exploit you. If you can tilt your opponents, all the better.

    Rule number 2: Information is being played for as much as money is. Act accordingly.

  3. Thank you for the information. Wonder if you make audio books I'd buy it so listen to you talk about poker. Have a good day thank you.

  4. AK is a very much a hand that should be played aggressively I agree but if you raise pre-flop and lead out on a missed flop of say 577 or one that say comes out with KTQ and the opposing players won't go away after you fire a half pot bet then it might be time to really look at the fact you might be in trouble if someone has two pair, set, or flopped a straight. Firing a 3/4 pot size on the turn and river in this situation may lead to disaster. AK is a hand you should bully people with but can it can cost you if you're not deciphering why someone is hanging with you on all of those c-bets. Saw a guy today at a tournament c-bet AK all the way to the river without hitting anything on a coordinated flop that took most of his stack.

  5. Love the video. Got real confused by mistake #2 – raising 3x IP and 4x OP…this seems backward. Please explain. Thanks!

  6. Here’s one. If you don’t have the nuts just check or call on the river. Don’t go all in and get greedy or don’t call a huge river bet if your not sure. Just fold and wait for the nuts. I’ve lost so many times on the river betting into someone who had the nuts when I probably could of checked or called or just swallowed my pride and folded. The other night I was getting ready to leave playing at a very easy 1/2 table lots of beginner players with money. Action was good. I had to leave to get some sleep for work the next day. I get into a hand with a green player and I flop a flush draw with 87 suited. Heads up first to act and knowing I’m about to leave I just check it. Turn comes hit my flush. I check again he makes it 10. I call. River comes it’s a 3 I pretty much thought I was good . The boarf was paired so I put him on a set at best. I shove all in he slowly calls. I flip my cards and say you got a set ? The bastard rivered a full house and didn’t even know he hit it. I leave $200 broker and the whole trip was a waste. I could of very easily just checked or called his river bet of 15 but instead I got myself into a hand I should of just folded. I notice I have a bad tendency of doing this and it’s cost me tons of money and bad beats. So if you don’t have the nuts then just call or check on the river or just fold even if you think he’s bluffing it’s still better than getting a bad beat

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