4-BETTING Tom Dwan! – HIGH STAKES POKER TAKES with Daniel Negreanu 05

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We’re back with another hand breakdown from the newest season of High Stakes Poker airing exclusively on PokerGO. This season we battle against Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Patrick Antonius, and Doyle Brunson. In this hand we get into a pre flop battle with Tom Dwan and discuss playing GTO versus exploiting.

0:00 Introduction
0:58 History with Tom Dwan
1:20 Preflop
5:05 4-Bet
8:20 Flop
11:40 Turn and River
15:30 Conclusion

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10 thoughts on “4-BETTING Tom Dwan! – HIGH STAKES POKER TAKES with Daniel Negreanu 05

  1. My friends I need help I feel like I have somewhat of a feel for the game in tournament settings but my ? Is do u feel like it’s ok to play tight against players 2 your left and right who also have a good idea of the game …. My problem is I like to flip to much let me know what you think 🤔

  2. Love D negs and love these videos but would be 10x more amazing if he didn’t say “right” after every other loveing sentence as if he’s telling us we agree with his statement without us actually agreeing.

  3. dnegs is just outdicking durr in this clip. talking bad when the first board ran out. i love it.

  4. Also I would like to ask when in flip mode as I call it 😂😂 seriously tho in flip mode let’s say someone shoved out the big wit A7 os your utg you limped in with j8 s and called this flip for 18 BB after the break I made this play based on what I thought of the player

  5. can somebody tell me what kind of deck is that? found it so pretty, wanna buy it

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