ACES & KINGS Crushed By FLOP in MASSIVE Poker Pots

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ACES and KINGS are considered the best starting hand in poker… until you run into a BAD BEAT! These are best poker hands featuring the biggest Pots & Craziest Hands including Kings going down in flames, a straight crushed by a flush and more.

These Texas Hold’em poker hands are from the $25/$25/$50 NL and the $5/$5/$10 NL live poker streams from Texas Card House Austin & Dallas.

00:00 – KINGS vs. Pocket 6s for $21,000 Pot
01:50 – $23,400 Pot – Brutal River Card destroys Straight
04:44 – Pocket ACES vs. Pocket 9s – $32,00 Pot
07:46 – $16,300 Pot – Kings vs. King Jack Suited
09:30 – $21,300 Pot – Ace Jack Suited vs. King Queen Suited – Flush over Flush
11:07 – $13,500 Trips vs. Trips ACE King vs. King 8

These high stakes poker cash games are part of the live poker streams coming from Texas Card House Dallas and Austin each week. The poker strategy also plays out in mid to low stakes cash games along with live poker tournament final tables. This is real money being gambled in a private social club. These poker games are real and like the ones you see in casinos in Las Vegas. If you’ve watched live poker vlogs like with Brad Owen, Lex O Poker, Next Gen Poker, poker bunny, these are the unique situations in cash card game see in other live streams like at hustler casino live or the lodge card club. This isn’t like playing slots, if you’re looking how to play poker, study these live poker streams to make sure you don’t lose big money. Watch more Texas Card House Live.

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  1. That was a bad call by Brian with the kings. Really only a flush and a set is going to shove on that flop.

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