4-Handed Poker Charts and Strategy Adjustments – A Little Coffee with Jonathan Little

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4-Handed Poker Charts and Strategy Adjustments – A Little Coffee with Jonathan Little

10 thoughts on “4-Handed Poker Charts and Strategy Adjustments – A Little Coffee with Jonathan Little

  1. A5 makes your calling range slightly stronger than A3 would make your calling range, I think that is why they want to call with A5s rather than A3s

  2. Hey Jonathan.. Namaste from India.. On your next coffee session, could you do a bit on adjustments to make in opening ranges with a mid stack 30-35 BB during bubble play? I always find myself in a tough spot when faced with such situations.. Just today, on the stone cold bubble, 21 left and 20 get paid, I had 99 on the BB with 35 bigs, close to avg stack. Button's a reg, typical lag with numbers all over the place. Folded to the btn with 40 bigs and they raise 4bb, their standard opening raise is 3-4bb. What's the play here?!

  3. Gud evng…I hope you doing well…I am looking for basics poker book for low stakes tournament….. would you recommend any of them?

  4. Jonathan, this has nothing to do with this video really, but, by Mac VerStandig: https://www.pokernews.com/news/2020/05/online-poker-usa-legal-update-37347.htm

  5. I whis i had see you years ago, since i see your vídeo on quarrantine my game get such a improve! I have 1 question i use you charts for mtts but if i have like 20bbs what charts you recomend folow 15bbs charts or 25bbs chart? Ty sry for my bad english

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