5 SNEAKY Poker Hands You Should Play More

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I have made a career with these 5 sneaky poker hands. All good poker players know to always play these 5 hands!

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5 SNEAKY Poker Hands You Should Play More

10 thoughts on “5 SNEAKY Poker Hands You Should Play More

  1. Do you play any of these 5 hands? Also, here are the top 5 hilarious things you will only hear amateur poker players say: https://youtu.be/1kobwmFtZWw

  2. Mostly agree, but you’re not looking to get massive stacks in with 54s that makes baby flushes and ass-end straights. I thought another video actually warned about hands like this…

  3. if you were to play these extra hands, wouldn't your VPIP be higher than 20?

  4. And here I thought the 79 meant you were my age lol Either way, your videos have tremendously helped my game. I 'came out of retirement' less than a month ago, and your videos have helped me plug so many leaks and bad old habits that I'm consistently hitting final tables in 10 buy in tourneys, and usually in top 5. My bankroll has grown to where I'm now using better play to make more money at higher levels. Thank you so much!

  5. I had 67 diamonds today hit a flush on turn get for value on turn and river and he had Jack high flush Nathan said in another video not to play this hand for this reason. Crushing to value own myself.

  6. It is nonsense to say a poker hand has two pairs and trips potential. Any rubbish like 72o has this potential. The 5 hands you mentioned can be simply summed up as small pairs, suited connectors and suited ace. No need to make things difficult and waste time!

  7. "Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value." –Albert Einstein

  8. Next weeks video will be on how "Good Players" don't play these 5 hands… and it will be these 5

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