10 thoughts on “What TO DO when you KEEP losing in POKER!! // Poker Vlog #172

  1. This is one of my favorite videos. Today, I run badly, and I also play badly. Began to blame myself and lose confidence. when I am losing an frist all-in, and my mentality is beginning to tilt. After that, I began to be reluctant to give up every big pot even though I knew I was behind. Now I realize that the influence of tilt on myself is enormous. I don't have the ability to handle tilting, so I should leave poker's table when I'm down. I will limit my buy-in in the future, because I always make wrong decisions when I am down. And began to rest and try to play some small games. Don't let the tilt of this scene continue to the next one.Thank you Lex

  2. My downswings have always been amplified by changing my game. Like when I'm running hot and I start playing more hands. I've fixed that problem and have run good since. I always play like I'm hungry now

  3. Surprised u didn’t raise him when u had pocket 10s, not sure he would’ve went anywhere but to let him see the river and control the pot when u know you’re ahead is prob wrong move right there

  4. Wow, you sure have come a long way. I recall your earlier videos when you specifically said you were NOT trying to school people on how to play poker, and here you are posting this very helpful video. Cheers mate!

  5. Hey lex, I truly believe this is possibly your best poker session ever. To get stuck early on and then lose your next few hands in a row normally from earlier episodes you would go on tilt and either lose more money and decide to go home but this time you persisted push through and end up having a winning session without going on till just awesome man your progression as a poker player is obvious and right in front of you you’re amazing well done

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    We need data… 😁

    Thanks bro.

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