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Poker highlights from my insane deep run in the $2,650 $10M GTD The Venom. I’m sitting in 3rd with 80 players remaining – can I win this huge poker tournament?
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10 thoughts on “I’M PLAYING FOR $1.2 MILLION | The Venom $10M GTD

  1. Great play as usual and insane runs so far!

    I think that A5s hand is a great candidate for shoving in the face of tough opponents that could 3 bet light even when they are short because they know they look so strong by doing this

    But i think in this specific big prize tournament, and seeing how deep you were, and you were saying that you wanted to cruise smoothly to the final table and you were running good with premium hands: you should have folded A5s knowing all the facts.

    Its easy to say it but hard to do it when in the tournament 🙂

  2. CONNGRATS on the cash. You played pretty bad from my point of view but I dont make a living off poker so maybe im just a dumbass

  3. Ouch, I would rather bust on the second hand of the tournament than busted on 18th. Nice run and GL in the future

  4. Great video! Amazing play! What song is playing at 2:00? I've heard it on many poker streams and no one has given me an answer. Any help would be great!

  5. This A5 hand made me cry, why did you do that 🙁 it was pure suicide, that damage in your stack changed the way of playing on.

  6. You tilted off everything from the ajss hand. Unfortunate, could’ve been a deep run.

  7. that turning trips into a bluff hand couldve been sick or an absolute disaster, ggs

  8. Bro you was play good , I was busted you with KK (Same_Winner), then next hand lost QQ in AA massive pot , as result 11th place. GG , very hard play with you on the table

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